Daicel Corporation was founded in 1919 as a Celluloid manufacturer.
We are the world’s sole producer of Cellulose Acetate flakes,
granules and sheets.


Our Cellulose Acetate Sheets have long been recognized
for their high quality by major Japanese eyewear brands.


With a variety of production methods, we have many designs
in our collectionsure to satisfy your specifications.

About Acety

“Acety” is Daicel’s brand name of Cellulose Acetate sheet,
made from natural raw materials such as cotton linter and wood pulp.

Block sheet

“Acety Block” is manufactured by a typical block method that
creates unique patterns which cannot be achieved by conventional
printing or other processes. “acety Block”contains and a natural
deep color combination that cannot be found in other materials which
are produced by other methods.

Extrusion sheet

Many optical frames and sunglasses are made of “extruded sheet” now.
With a multicolored extrusion process, we are able to make many colors
and patterns such as mono, multi layers, solid, two-tone, and gradation color.

Compression sheet

“Acety compression” has color tones with full sense of depth,
as well as a rich color. With adoption of “compression” process, we are able to
make products of smaller sizes and in shorter period of time.