The New Developed "ACETY EC" Brings
High Quality And Safety To Your Glasses.

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Phthalate Free

Formerly, acetate plastic has been mainly made from cellulose acetate and phthalate plasticizer Centered in the EU, the trend is for increasing regulation against the use of phthalate-related chemical substances Daicel has developed a new non-phthalate plasticizer and realized a phthalate-free acetate plastic

Improved properties

The transparency, impact and oil resistance properties of acetate plastic are maintained Dimensional stability is superior to standard acetate plastics

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Acety EC

About Sheet

All exist extrusion sheets including mono color & pattern can be produced by Acety EC.
Acety EC sheets can be made to eyewear with the same process as normal acetate sheets.
Wet block & Dry block sheets will be launched in the future.

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Acety EC

About Pellet

In comparison to standard injection molding frame materials, Acety has superior luster and gloss, as well as a pleasant texture
Using only a polishing process, a high gloss can be achieved without coating
Dimensional stability is superior, and thinner frames can be realized compared to standard acetate plastics
From raw materials to compounding, all manufacturing is located in Japan

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Acety EC Standard Specification

Properties Test method Unit Condition ECP E0001-20 ECP E0001-26
Density ISO1183 g/cm3   1.28 1.27
Melt Flow Rate ISO1133 g/10min 220℃×10kg 21 67
Tensile Strength ISO527 MPa   52 41
Flexural Strength ISO178 MPa   67 45
Flexural Modulus ISO178 MPa   2700 1900
Impact Strength, Charpy ISO179/1eA kJ/m2 23℃ 8 17
DTUL ISO75 0.45MPa 94 66
1.8MPa 70 52